Sam Ash tour Kids Talk Radio Band

Welcome to our Kids Talk Radio Visual Jazz Website.  Our very first visual jazz opera (Cabo Verde Dreams) was performed at California State University Long Beach in Long Beach, California.  Our second  jazz opera was what we call a Mayan Visual Jazz Opera.  This jazz opera was performed at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California.  Our third opera will be the “Occupy Mars Learning Adventures.”  We hope to use students from the Los Angeles Unified School District and professional classical and jazz musicians from southern, California.

For more information we invite you to visit:





What is a Kids Talk Radio Mayan Visual Jazz Opera?   This opera was designed for multimedia production, spoken word, string quartet, electronic piano, double drum set, sound effect’s center, bass, alto saxophone and Mayan dancers.  All of these instruments and dancers are in support of the fable that was written called “Chaac the Rain God and Jaguar Boy.”

Bob Barboza was the composer and conductor.  He is currently working on three more visual jazz operas.  We will continue to post videos and photos essays on this site.



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