Mayan Visual Jazz Opera

Chaac the Rain God and Jaguar Boy

Chaac the Rain God and Jaguar Boy

Welcome to our Mayan Visual Jazz Opera Page.  “Chaac the Rain God and Jaguar Boy” was our first Mayan Jazz Opera.  It was written and conducted by Bob Barboza and performed at the Latin American Museum in Long Beach, California, on December 16, 2012.  This jazz opera was dedicated to the memory of Ingrid Pastorius.  Ingrid was the former wife of musician and fretless-bass innovator Jaco Pastorius.  She provide valuable advice to all of us at Kids Talk Radio.

The musicians on this project include Jon Hartmann on keyboards, Ronnie Ciago on drums, Michael Morera on sax, Bob Barboza on bass and sound effects, Andy Steadman provide spoken word and a new and exciting choreographer and dancer Tehani Sarreal.

This production utilized Roland Handsonics, electronic keyboards and Roland electronic drums to create the sound effects for the story/fable.

There are videos posted on youtube and lots of additional information at


One comment on “Mayan Visual Jazz Opera

  1. Andy Steadman did a great job playing the part of three different characters. We later found out that he could sing and play the violin. This guy has a lot of talent. He is going to play the part of a Spanish explorer in The Kids Talk Radio Mayan Visual Jazz Opera II.

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